Monday, May 19, 2008

American Idol 2008

It's the eve of the finale on one of the 2 reality shows that I actually follow. Idol is kind of an accompanist's dream come true; singers who think they are all that being shown repeatedly exactly why and how much they suck. Of course, it's also a nightmare, in that it takes place on TV, so singers' looks are even more important than their voices.

This time it's the war of the Daves. Both of my girls (wife and daughter) have been insisting it would come down to this for weeks. I held out that Carly or Syesha would make it to the final, going against ArchuletaDave. But wait...CookDave is much better than he seemed at the outset. He has a mind of his own, it seems. His incessant yarling of every standard he can find doesn't rub everyrone the wrong way. As for that mind of his own, it turns out that all of his original treatments of songs are from somebody else's covers! CookDave is really not so brilliant. Except that, like Taylor the Patrol Officer, he is good at this game! He is also one thing the others really aren't yet...a professional.

As for Archie, he really has done some of the most memorable performances. I particularly enjoyed last week's "And So It Goes". I watched Billy Joel's live youtube afterwards, and I think (the horror, the horror) that Archie's was better. Joel sings it too dispassionately. I think Archie is very marketable, if there remains such a thing in this business. By all rights, he should win this thing, even if he can't sing an up tune.

As for this year being the best crop of vocalists, I couldn't disagree more. In fact 3 of the top 10 were downright awful: Brooke, Jason and Kristy Lee. In fact I would venture to say that Brooke and Jason were so bad, that only Jon Peter Lewis ranks below them in the years I have watched. I also feel that if Melinda Doolittle had been in this year, she would have run away with it.

Of course I will Tivo the damn thing, and watch it speedily, stopping only for the performances, and the occasional Paula pratfall. other watched reality series? Knowing me, you should be able to guess. But if you can't, here's a two word clue:

"It's RAW!!!"

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